About me

Hi there! I'm Leanne, a passionate nail tech based in Essex, United Kingdom, with six wonderful years of experience under my belt. I absolutely love what I do, and you can often catch me on TikTok Live, sharing the magic of nail art and demonstrating the artistry behind Poli Build.

Beyond the nail table, my heart lies in creating a positive and supportive community within the global nail tech industry. Through my Facebook group, "The Nail Troop," and my Instagram page, "The Nail Troop," and now on TikTok, you guessed it as "The Nail Troop," with help being run by my amazing team. I've had the joy of connecting with talented nail techs from all around the world. It's incredible to see how we can uplift and inspire each other.

None of this would be possible without my amazing team who joins me in running these social platforms. Together, we're dedicated to making the nail industry a better place filled with creativity and support. I believe in fostering an environment where every nail tech can thrive, learn, and share their passion.

Here's to spreading joy, inspiration, and fabulous nails! 💅🌟